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39 going on 40, December 2010. My goal from 2007, have your undergrad degree by then. My 2010 new year’s resolution, be PHAT by forty - striving to be part of the skinny trend – can’t do it. I rather eat and be happy than be skinny and miserable. But I’ll have my degree in six weeks. I did it, I’m almost there. Now what? My greatest fear, if I died tomorrow, what would be said about me? All this and that, just avoiding who I know I am – a writer. There I said it. My parents inspired me early so I thank them for seeing my passion and nurturing it. I was in middle school when I wrote my first stories and poems. I have a Langston Hughes book of poetry where my mom inscribed, “To my future writer…”. I love her for that. My senior year in high school I was in the finals (me and three other students from different high schools) for a journalism scholarship to USC – South Carolina that is. Ultimately my grades were probably a factor but I discerned something in my guidance counselor that he didn’t have my back. I didn't get it – the scholarship. So that kind of dashed my dreams. I feel that if I had that opportunity at USC, I would already be who I aspired to be – whoever that was/is. Now here I am just about to complete my COM degree 22 years later! Hoping my 40 is going to be the new 30. I love myself today more than I did 10 years ago – that’s a start.

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