Time for a Change

I’ve had one month off of no school and I’m up to my elbows and knee deep in all kinds of stuff that just isn’t me. So I am now officially ready to go back to work and have my own payday. I know this because I went into a store today to look for a wallet and saw a coat, sweater, pair of pants and a dark green purse – none of which I can justify right now. I am not usually a shopper; I am more like a go in and get what you need kind of shopper. Today I walked around putting together outfits like a personal shopper. Why can’t I do that when I have the money and need some things? Being in there looking at how the styles and colors have changed in the two years I’ve been out of work made me realize how much I miss really getting dressed. I wear the same pants to church every Sunday; I call them my church pants and I change it up with different shoes, jewelry and shirts and that’s the extent of what I have and can fit in my ‘wardrobe’. In the store I realized I am so far removed from the sassy best dressed co-worker that I was. Now I leave the house ‘incognegro’ behind dark shades and a hat hoping I won’t be recognized by any of my old co-workers. I miss that part of me;  the best part of going to my job was getting dressed and I put my heart into it. Being professionally dressed made me feel tall, sexy, smart and wealthy even with my measly salary and demeaning job. I certainly wouldn’t trade today for yesteryear but I do reminisce about how making a little paper made me feel important. Today I am wearing comfortable blue jeans meaning I didn’t have to use the lord’s name in vain when I put them on. I have on flip-flops which once upon a two years ago I vowed never to wear in public, and I’m topped with my two year old 20th high school reunion t-shirt which I thought would become a dust rag once I brought it home. It’s time put this character back in action and get up outta here. Who's hiring?

Sporadically Yours