What do you know about good music?


I know good music but I have known for a while that my workout playlist could use some updating. But instead of deleting the old stuff, I’ll just add a new one here and there. I hope none of the songs are any older than 20 years, but I kinda think most of them are at the least close to it.  I had asked the teenage son of a friend to recommend some stuff. He couldn’t help me. He didn’t know what I would like based on what I had - most he had never even heard of.

These songs are in no way a reflection of the genre that I like. I am a smooth jazz, oldies (before my time) kinda girl – but I can’t exercise to that.  These beats make me burn a helluvalot more calories than sayYou are the Sunshine of My Life by Stevie Wonder. 

I have such a diverse collection of music, that to play my iPod at a party, not one person would be pleased the entire time but me. I remember in high school trying to turn my friends onto Sly & the Family Stone and them giving me the ‘well alrighty then’ look.

Some of the lyrics to the songs in my workout playlist are downright nasty –2 Live Crew– need I say more? If I am playing my (workout/clean up) music on shuffle through speakers, I am jumping across furniture to turn some of them off before my son gets a hold of the lyrics. 

I messed up when he was about 4. He had my iPod and played Right Round by FLO Rida. He caught on and repeatedyou spin my head rat rand rat rand (right round), when you go down….need I say more? When he asked to hear the Rat Rand song, my eyes got big and I said to myself, Please LAWD, let him forget that song.

He didn’t.

I’m not listening to the lyrics when I workout, just the beat. However, the 40 year old me would really like to clean it up a bit. 

No disrespect 2 Live Crew – but I’m too old for you.

So…Here’s the thing… some of these songs are downright embarrassing, and some cannot be classified as a workout song because I just want to break out dancing when they come on – also downright embarrassing!

So, any recommendations?

Updated 9/23/2015

Updated 9/23/2015