Disgruntled Mama Bear


That's exactly how I feel, but I won't act on it. This photo actually made me feel better. LOL! I really wasn't off to a good start when I shook something else in my French toast mixture instead of cinnamon. They are both the same brand and kinda look the same color if you don’t have the kitchen light on.

I have a headache so I’m avoiding BRIGHT LIGHTS. I smell the cinnamon to see what’s wrong with it and then I read the label, it says PAPRIKA. Thank goodness I have more milk and eggs, though I don’t feel like starting over. Baby bear is home sick today. Sick enough to not go to school but well enough to request my French toast. At least he’s eating. Mama bear is really sad when baby bear is too sick to eat.

Disgruntled Mama Bear is dealing with a recurring baby bear behavior.  He goes through spells of calling me all night and not really needing anything. “Mom? Mooooom. Mom, can you commeeeere?” I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said its happened AT LEAST 25 times this week.  I honestly think he’s talking in his sleep, but his sleep knows I haven’t come into his room so he doesn’t stop calling until I do.  One night this week he asked for water, when I came back he was snoring. I said, “Really?”  He used to get me like that as an infant. I would go prepare the bottle, warm it up just right, come back to get him and he had fallen asleep. 

I was still a new mom that followed the rules, so if he didn’t wake up again for another 2 hours, I poured that bottle out because it was “expired”. Last night when I tucked him in, I told him I would be back to check his temperature in the middle of the night.  By midnight he had called me three times to ask me if I was ready. I holler back, “Ready for what?” He responds, “To check my temperature.” Really?

The really disgruntled part – I’m sooooo freaking tired and irritable - well they come hand in hand – especially this week. I’ve been meaning to ask mom all week, “Mom, is it too early for menopause? As in PMS without the M?” Don’t get excited, the M is a monthly factor, the P stands for Permanent and S is still syndrome.  All I know is something is changing. I have a complete lack of. Yes, that was the end of the sentence.

On a lighter note, people LOVE my French toast.  It’s not a secret family recipe, so I’m sharing. Sorry I can’t really help you with exact measurements. But here is the very fattening spoil my company version:

Texas Toast Bread (Thick White Bread), Eggs, Sweetened Condensed Milk, regular milk (to loosen it up), cinnamon, vanilla and margarine. The most important thing is to use margarine spread on both sides of the bread before dipping into your mixture. This is so sweet already that you really don’t need syrup.

Today’s version – still good but on the light side: Spray butter for both sides of the bread, no sweetened condensed milk – just regular, wheat bread (you can’t tell wheat bread is wheat bread in French Toast), cinnamon and vanilla. I also use the cinnamon sugar mix for this one.  Spray both sides of bread with spray butter, sprinkle cinnamon sugar on both sides, then dip in milk, egg, cinnamon, and vanilla mixture.

For anyone who absolutely doesn’t know, next you put it on a griddle and grill both sides much like you would a grilled cheese sandwich.

So I’m feeling a little better having written a blog.  I had to do my thing. I’m up next – 6 year old entertainment.

Here’s the thing…. I need to buy some more cinnamon of a different brand; with the holiday season upon us, shaking paprika in sweet potato pie mix would be a disaster!

Sporadically disgruntled,