Here a strep, there a strep, everywhere a strep strep

It has been almost a year to the day since my son had to go to the doctor for anything other than his 6 year old well check appt. I remember taking him for his first well check appointment there and no one told me that the well clinic was in a separate building until I had been sitting there for an hour shielding his healthy baby face.  I believe that’s where he caught his first cold, which was followed by ear infection after ear infection followed by the need for breathing treatments. We had our fair share of that place for the first year.  Today there were too many germies (kiddos) to count. I started and stopped when 14 was all I could see.   

While I was sitting there, I people watched and listened.

"Aidan leave her alone - she doesn't feel good."

"Daveon, GET over here!"

"I have to go pottieeeee."

"Mommy watch me."

"Let ME do it!"

"uh sticker uh sticker uh stiiiiicker" x 10

"No no."

"Leave the door alone."

“She doesn't want your bottle leave her alone.”

"First name Middle name Last name sit down right now!"

Mine said, “How long do we have to stay here?”

There were the babies who drop things so you will pick it up, babies who stare and drool at you, crawlers that don’t want to sit and mom’s following the little walkers who don’t want to stay. I ~what is the opposite of tenderly? remember those stages all too well.


Here’s the thing… I really wanted to ask the doctor to look at my throat too since I’m probably up next with strep. I have no fond attachments with my son’s pediatricians so I am going to move him to my doctors’ office. That way if we are both sick we can be seen at the same time. At least hacking old people know how to cover their mouths.

Sporadically sick,

 Kenya G. Johnson

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