A little Spring cleaning in the Fall

My son was home sick today. We've been together since last Thursday at approximately 2:00 PM, but whose counting? Though he was feeling better today, the 48th hour after meds officially begins tomorrow and he can go back to school. By today I had run out of ideas and the will to battle Beyblades one more time. He asked if I would like to build a vehicle with his Legos. So we poured out the Legos and we only had three wheels. I said, "Hey, I have an idea. Let's go and dump out your toy box. I bet the missing wheels are in there." (There was also a missing Beyblade). I said, "And we can get rid of all the things you don't play with anymore and make your room nice and neat." He probably only heard, "Let's go find the missing Lego wheels and beyblade" because he said, "Great idea mom". I thought to myself, Yeah great idea! I get to accomplish something while I'm not accomplishing anything.

So we are cleaning his room and I am TRYING to get rid of stuff that's junk. I hold up this plastic car that probably came in a bag of ten from the dollar store to see if he wants it. He said, "I'll just hold on to that for a few more days." Really?

After we get done with the toys, we go through the books that we can give away.  I pull all the books off the shelf and put them in a pile on his bed. He quickly retrieves the books about airplanes and dinosaurs to put them back.  Then we go through everything else. When we get to three books that I have been putting back on the shelf for the past couple of years, he wants to put them in the box.


I have read them so many times that I still know them by heart. Five little ducks went out one day, over the hill and far away. The mother duck said, "Quack! Quack! Quack!"  In my head I still hear him begin to whine about the fact that I am getting ready to turn the light out, when I start to read, One little duck, went out one day, into the woods and far away. The mother duck said...

I say out loud, "I'll keep these in my room." I'm thinking, I'll just hold on to these forever. I can't get rid of them.

No sooner than we are done (I still wanted to vacuum etc), "Mom are you ready to play Legos?" Dang, I forgot about that. When I say, "I'm too tired now", he says, "Awww we wasted all that energy on my room for nothing." Awww, that made me feel bad.
Here's the thing...I made myself a Latte, we made a train out of Legos that had six wheels, we colored, and we battled Beyblades again. All I have to say is, though I love a stay at home snow day, I am so glad that one isn't in the forecast.

Sporadically needing a minute,