If I had the money…


I like to daydream about money I don’t have and what I would like to do with it. I’m not even dreaming of a lottery amount, just some extra cash. What would I do?

I would buy my dad a new iPod touch, my mom an iPhone, both of them would get iPad’s and the necessary accessories. Yes TWO iPads, because it’s not fun to share one. Trust me, I know. 

Both of them are so cute with their first generation 8gb iPod touch, sharing a wall charger because one stopped working a while back. Anyone who still has the first generation iPod touch, knows the battery life only lasts a few minutes. Daddy’s iPod is filled to the brim with music and no apps. Mom’s is filled with apps and a handful of music.

I might not be exaggerating if I said my dad’s iPad would have one app – The Weather Channel. This is the reason he would get the iPod and not the iPhone because he would spend his entire data budget looking at the weather channel away from home. As for the need for an iPad, he does surf the internet, he does e-mail and he likes to watch YouTube videos. He may even dabble in some of the photography apps and play around with editing photos if he had one.

My mom however, would be on board with every app I would tell her about. She loves to read, play games, text, e-mail and take care of business online. Now with the iOS 5 update, I wouldn’t worry about them having to sync and figure things out because, you don’t need a computer anymore.  All the iOS 5 devices can be used right out of the box. I am so glad they weren’t a part of this last update because I would have had to drive down to South Carolina just to help them configure the upgrade.

Aside from just picking up the phone, we are missing out on some of the rather cool 2011th century  2-way communications and I just want them to be up to speed. If anything, just for my son to FaceTime his grandparents.

Here’s the thing…what are the chances of winning a $2000 scratch off? I want my mom as an Emoji buddy. If they are reading this they are wondering, what's an Emoji buddy?

Sporadically dreaming,