The Eleventh Divine Rule

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I used to read into a recorder (my iPod) when I was in school (back in school for my BS degree). I would read out loud to retain what I was reading. Later I would play it back for emphasis. I didn’t know that I had saved any of those recordings until I was listening to my music on shuffle one morning. I was startled hearing the sound of my own voice through my headphones.  I have no idea what book this is from, and I wish I knew so I could give credit to the author of what I am plagiarizing transcribing quoting below. I was bored to tears with this text at the time..

NOW it’s interesting and I want to know more:

When people think about solving a problem, they mentally cast about for an association that might serve as a solution. Most of us accept the first idea that solves the problem. Many argue that creative people are those who go further down the list searching for more unusual but higher quality associations to solve their problems. It is these remote associations that produce creative products.

Then a bunch of mumbo jumbo that I still do not understand - and on to:

Some people have very short lists of ideas that are strongly associated with each other. They can produce only a few associations. These people are often rigid and dogmatic in their beliefs and tend to produce little that is creative. Others have longer lists of less tightly associated ideas and are not so threatened by being wrong. They have the flexibility that encourages the mental search for remote associations. Some of their freely associated ideas may be silly but some produce really creative combinations. Most people fall somewhere between these extremes. 

Listening to this recording was what I would call a sign. People derive different meanings from quotes, scriptures, poetry, literature etc. For me, this recording was a sign; an inner voice emphasizing, "You are specialyou are creative and you do not fall somewhere in the middle."

If ever on a job interview and I’m asked that dreaded question, “What would you say your weakness is?” I might say, “I am creative.” When they ask me what my strength is, I’ll say, "I’m creative." And I won’t get the job, but I know that I am who I am because I don’t have short lists of tightly associated ideas. I have loooooooong extravagant lists that are all over the place waiting to be produced into a creative masterpiece.

I have journals stashed here and there, with a word here and a one liner there. I bought them because they were pretty and I thought, "oooh a pretty journal will be exciting to write in". None of the journals are complete, none have a theme, none hold the permanent record of a good day. I can’t maintain a journal, it’s like chore and I have enough of those. In the ordering of the Eleventh Divine Rule I shall be my own counsel. I shall sporadically follow principles but mostly sway to the rhythm of my inner voice because I am different, I am creative, I am me, I am being myself.

Here’s the thing…if I find myself really reading a textbook, that may be a sign that I am ready to go back to school for my Master’s Degree – NOT. Been there, done that, didn’t buy the t-shirt, nothing but a framed piece of quality stock paper and a long standing relationship with Sallie Mae to show for it.

Sporadically Yours,

P.S. I'll be back with proper citations for the quote above, when I find it.