Chronic on-timer


So I'm in B&N simply for a change of scenery because I wanted to write and there's too much distraction (to do) at home. I would like to order a cup of hot water so I can look the part while I'm borrowing a table, but I give them $5.05 for their goodies anyway. I had to leave the house to deliver some pictures - photographer's wife is my other non-paying job - so I grabbed my devices and took off. After rushing, then waiting, and waiting, I came up with today's sporadic publication.

 If I am the one in control of my time, I will be there when you say you want or need me to be there. I don't need any leeway. Unlike some others I know, aaaahhusbandchooooooo, (gazoontite) who says,"I'll be there in 10 mintues", but takes 15 minutes to leave to get somewhere 20 minutes away.

So obviously a pet peeve of mine is being late - even if it's my fault (rare) - I'm annoyed. I'm annoyed even when I'm not personally affected.  That's your clock ticking not mine. OMG, why did Kim Zolciak's Tardy for the Party just get stuck in my head?

I have been known to ask what is the real time you want me there because I don't want to be sitting around being first. Additionally, people who arrive first get put to work, then you stay after to help undo the work you put in. Is it just me?

One thing I've learned is that late people really cannot help it, just like I can't help being on time. Even when I try to arrive late, I'm still early or right on-time for everything. I know late people really can't help it when they are late for their own party, when they put chicken on the grill just when you arrive, when they stop to get gas before going someplace where they should have already been, when they DID set the alarm clock, when they love you from the bottom of their h...I could go on but then it might sound like I'm talking about someone in particular.  self giggles

Another thing I've learned is that being late only hurts the person who is annoyed by it - Me. So if we arrive at church late and I've missed praise and worship - and I'm sitting there mad...well I'm missing the rest of my blessing. Humph.

Here's the thing...I'm not planning to work on being a chronic on-timer, but I'll commit to working on my attitude about being late.

Sporadically venting,