A Thankful Thursday Post


I am really feeling an abundance of love today and it is only 9:30 am. I was featured as a VIP on Mom Blog Society and I wanted to share my interview.

Our Mom Blog Society VIP: 

Kenya G. Johnson 

kid: Christopher (6)

1. What year did you start blogging? Waaaay last year, 2010.

2. Aside from blogging and being a mother, what other jobs do you have? My husband (dang I’m starting with my husband)…well he is a full-time active duty Marine but also is a photographer on the side (practically a full-time part-time job). It’s a business we’ve homegrown over the years. I’m the photographer’s wife, which means I’m his assistant. (I don’t get paid).

3. Why did you start your blog? I knew that I had writing in me but I had writer’s block. Journals weren’t doing anything for me. I am a digital girl. Somehow with my fingers on the keyboard, my words flow better. I was in a time and space that I had forgotten who/what I really wanted to be. I was working, going to school, being a photographer’s wife and being a mom. My husband and son went to visit his mom for Mother’s Day and I had 10 days to myself (best Mother’s Day ever). I really had quality time with myself. I wrote my very first blog the night they were coming back and missed their flight. It was a poem called Refreshed.  I didn’t write again for another month and had shut the first page down (I had named it something crazy). I moved the poem over to the new blog and started over. I still only wrote and posted 10 times in 2010. I’ve just picked it up in the last few months. Did I answer the question?

4. Do you have any advice for bloggers just starting out? Be yourself, not a template. Don’t rush to be followed, get to know who you follow, really read their stuff, comment, and they will really read your stuff and comment.

5. What challenges do you see or have experienced in the blogosphere. Controversy; people who aren’t nice, negative, critical. I won’t blog about anything controversial.

6. Tell us about your favorite and least favorite part(s) about blogging? It’s time consuming. Things are getting dusty. I just enjoy it. But I sure hate reading over a published post and finding an error. I wonder how many people have read it at that point. I have one posted from the other day. I read it to my husband and found an error while I was reading. I went back in to fix it today and cannot find it. It’s hard to see the errors in your own writing. I guess I’ll have to go read it out loud to myself. What I love about blogging is finding people, making friends and learning, “It’s not just me”…mom’s and wives we share similar stories. Sometimes they’re not mom’s, sometimes they aren’t wives – as women in general we share similar stories.

7. Have you gotten any opportunities since you started your blog? Some things are brewing. I’m working with a small company on their monthly newsletter (that’s a big deal to me). It’s an official gig and they like me!

8. Can you give the readers your three most important blogging tips? I think a clean page is important if you have content you want people to read. I don’t like things flashing, dancing, winking at me or playing in the background while I’m trying to read the page. I do admire the pretty pages though. I think the page theme should compliment your writing style or whatever you may be advertising. Does that count for three?

9. What is your current blogging "dream"? Baby steps, I’d be thrilled with 10 comments per post. THRILLED TO PIECES!

10.  List 2 or 3 blogs you love, (their URLs) and why you love them?
This is hard but easy too, I’ll just pick the first three that come to mind Vanessa, Pidg and Ronni.

#1 Vanessa's Blog I don’t  remember how I found Vanessa’s blog but I’ve  been keeping up with her as long as I’ve been a blogger. I just happened to stumble upon  one day. The weirdest thing is that I was a tomboy as a kid, never really into dolls. But I love Vanessa’s dolls, videos, photos of tiny little doll things, and the doll fashion. There’s a doll blog world just like this mom one. I only follow Vanessa though.

#2 Pidg I’ve only been following Pidg at PidApeg for a little while but we’ve become e-mail buddies outside of the comments. The weird thing about this is we are so different. She’s crafty and doesn’t know what an iPad   is. I am SO the opposite. Just goes to show you that you don’t have to have things in common to make a connection.

#3 Anywhere is I’ve also only been following Ronni at Anywhere is for a little while, but she makes me laugh and she’s down to earth – just real. I think I found her on MBS, not sure though. I’ve blog hopped without linking up. Did I just feel raised eyebrows? I just go down the linky list and find a few blogs that I really like and start following. I may have found her like that. 

Here's the thing...that's all folks...

Sporadically Yours,

Sporadically Yours