Home Sweet Home


Almost 11 years ago when I was ready to become a Mother, I tried to plan it - as if I could. I crossed every t and dotted every i, calculating an every 3 year military move, hoping that by the time our child was in the first grade, we would be done moving. 

This was important to me because I knew what it felt like to re-adjust. I wasn’t a military kid, but I lived in Pennsylvania for the 1st grade.  Once in South Carolina, I went to 2nd through 5th grade at a private school. I then went to public school for the 6th through 8th. The summer before going to high school we moved to another school zone. I absolutely believe that I started out as an extrovert. In the first grade I got in trouble for talking too much. However, each re-adjustment turned me into an introvert. With each new beginning, I became shy and a little withdrawn.  Thank goodness for the friends who reached out and looked beyond, “She must be stuck up”. I was described as, she is really sweet once you get to know her. That has followed me all the way to adulthood.  Being a new employee was also tough. I started out one of my jobs sitting at my desk through lunch and reading a book.  The receptionist confided, "Honey you gon' have to sit and have lunch with them girls in the break room or they gon' think you stuck up." So I did. 

There is always a little excitement in a new beginning, but I was dreading another one. Our home of 7 1/2 years wraps me like a warm blanket. I wasn’t prepared to trade comfort for the elements of the unknown. I cannot call myself “shy” anymore, and I am certainly not withdrawn.  Now I call myself reserved. Perhaps that is kind of the same thing, but reserved is more of a choice. 

So years ago when I tried to plan out my life, God had it all planned out for me. We are home. After 24 years, my husband is retiring from the Marine Corps.  My son is in the first grade and a comment from his teacher, "Christopher LOVES to talk."

Here's the thing...be careful what you wish for because you might just get it. Ain't God good?

Sporadically Yours,