Google Me


Just in case I’m MIA as in (this page cannot be found) sometime within the next week, it’s because I am making a drastic little change.  When you find me connected again, the url should point to  

Kenya is the name my parents gave me. I was nameless for two days until they found the name that was perfect for me. The G is for my maiden name, and Johnson is my married name.

When you google sporadic publication, you may find a link to my blog buried in some other stuff, but you will not see Kenya G. Johnson at all.  When you google ME, you will find ME and some other stuff with ME in it.

When I started this blog (I feel like I have written that a thousand times), my original profile name was Aynek G. Nosnhoj – my name spelled backwards. Then I changed it to Sporadically Yours. Now you will see I have changed it to Kenya G. Johnson. I am coming forward.

It has taken me 30 minutes to write the above. I stop with my fingers on the keys and marvel at my transition from then to now. I started out being backwards and kind of anonymous. Blogging was kind of my secret. At some point I started signing my posts, Sporadically Yours and still without my name. If I hadn’t mentioned it in a few posts recently, you still may not know it.

Sporadically Yours is easy to remember and catchy, but I think of it as my social networking nickname. Recently, when a blog commenter called me “Kendra”, I said to myself  - well that’s not going to work

Here is what I really marvel at.  Last week I purchased the domain for My order went through and I have a receipt to prove it. My site was out of commission this weekend as blogspot tried to redirect to dot com. It never went through. I was never charged. The domain was never registered. What?!  It wasn’t meant for me to forever brand myself with sporadicpublication. 

God does not make mistakes. 

Did anyone just get goosebumps or was it just me?

Here’s the thing….if WHEN I finally get to meet you at a book signing and you want me to sign Sporadically Yours, I will be fine with that, because my real name will be on the cover.  

Sporadically Yours,

Kenya G. Johnson

Update: It's working!!