She bakes!


I had a breakthrough yesterday! Not the kind of breakthrough you would imagine. But I lost 4 lbs. Five lbs actually, if I count the one that I didn’t count when I gained it. The break through part you ask? I did it all by myself. You wanna know how I did it? I stopped thinking about food and what I was going to eat next. I have written about counting calories, I’ve written about being on weight watchers, and I’ve written about the ponytail swingers at the gym who got on my nerves. What I’ve realized is, in the time it takes me to count points and plan my meals, I could be writing. When I am doing what I want to do, I am not thinking about my next snack or meal. My health is important to me, therefore I will gripe and exercise, I will grudgingly make wise choices while controlling my portions, and I WILL have a healthy supplement of m&m’s and/or skittles once a day. I’m actually thinking of putting each in a bottle and labeling them Vitamin M and Vitamin S and as a dietary supplement, take 2 oz a day.

I will also write because it makes me happy. Happiness  energizes. Happiness, m&m’s, skittles, oh yeah and coffee.

If you have ever been on any kind of a diet, you may be aware of that feeling you have when you know you are going to weigh less the next day. I call that the break though weight loss feeling.

At that moment you have eaten your last meal for the day, you are not hungry, but you are SO HUNGRY! It’s the same moment of weakness when somebody asks if you are hungry and you say, “I can eat”, but you don’t need to. Times like that I want to go to bed at 7pm. Yesterday I “broke” though. I stayed up until 9pm and I resisted the carrot cake I made for my visiting brother-in-law.  

It’s a relief not think about food all of the time. Doesn’tit make you sick when people say they forgot to eat? Well I’m not one of those,but it is to the point that, I’m saying, “Wow, I need to eat something.” And it won’t be 7 points worth of Doritos for lunch where I can then only afford to eat broccoli for dinner because I don’t have any points left. I eat when I get hungry and I drink when I get thirsty. Well you are supposed to drink before you get thirsty – my water intake could stand some improvement. Maybe I’ll try a glass with my dietary supplements.

Some may look at me and say, “She doesn’t need to lose any weight”. We say that don’t we? “Chile you don’t need to lose any weight.” We say that about people smaller than ourselves and people who look great in their clothes.  But the perception is in the eyes of the beholder person who puts their jeans on out of the dryer and says, “Jesus Christ” and says “Lawdhamercy” when they try to zip them up.

I can’t say I won’t gain 4 pounds over the grazing holidays, but I’m kind of feeling like I got grazing out of my system.

Don’t get too excited about my break through, I just realized that I haven’t had any wine in about a month. I want to be able to stay awake to write. So that could be it. But you got the message right? Fill your time with what makes you feel good, if its food, find something else.

Here’s the thing… if you want the recipe to that cake in the photo, it’s a secret. When “the cake lady” isn’t my fall back career, I’llshare the recipe with the world.

Another thing...I WILL have a piece of cake today, maybe for breakfast, but minus my dietary supplements.

Sporadically Yours,

Kenya G. Johnson