If you’ve been checking me out for a while, you know I’m kinda different. So, right here in one post, I am receiving and responding to TWO blog awards. The Liebster Award and the Tell Me about Yourself Award. I hope you won’t be put off by my acceptance speech.

Eh em…to my GFC’s and silent followers (mom & dad), I AM VERY THANKFUL -  however..... participating in awards Oh no, the music is playing so I need to wrap it up quickly and say that I love the comments, keep them coming, I love the stats, keep coming back, keep reading, I know you are listening, I love being here and I know that without you…screen fades to black…. Kenya G. Johnson takes abow, and exits gracefully.

In random order, here are just (ten) of the many blogs I revisit, so check them out and tell them I sent you:

Mom Blog Society (contributing bloggers)

Here’s the thing…if there is such a thing as blacklisted blogs, please don’t put me on it. SMOOCHES!

Sporadically Yours, breakin' the rules & keepin' it real,
Kenya G. Johnson
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