Monday Funny


I was home this weekend. This is the first time I can call a trip business and pleasure! My daddy was getting my hustle on and we HE sold some books right there in the neighborhood. My parents live on a corner lot. Christopher sold one book by standing on the corner waving the book. The guy asked what it was for, thinking Christopher was selling something for his school. Christopher answered him, “To read”. Like, “Duh.” The guy bought one!

Today is mom’s birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! So I also wanted to surprise her with a visit.  Growing up, we always blew out our candles together, either on my birthday or hers.  Now we have Christopher whose birthday is the day after mine and we’ve tried to carry on the tradition as often as possible. So Saturday night we shared a cake and Christopher blew out the candles.

My son… well he takes after me. We are scared of stuff. But I have to be brave because I don’t want him to be scared of stuff.  He doesn’t like the dark. A couple of years ago, I was so excited for him to watch ET because I thought he would love it. What was I thinking? We didn’t get through the dark part before I had to turn it off.

Saturday night was a full moon and we went out to look at Christmas lights.  There is a dark lake front street that Christopher doesn’t care for, day or night.  He said he didn’t mind going to look at Christmas lights, “just please don’t go down the dark part.” I tried to change the subject when he starting asking questions about the spooky moon and what would happen if we saw a real wolf? Would it growl at us?

Here’s the thing…Granddaddy approached the dark part anyway and Christopher said, “Oh no. I don’t wanna go down this street. It’s going to scare the Christopher out of me.” 

Sporadically Yours,

Kenya G. Johnson author of The Christopher Chronicles