Happy Birthday Kenya - Promo

This offer has expired - but don't let that stop you from checking out my book!


You know what would tickle me apple green? (I don't like pink).  It would tickle me APPLE GREEN, if you bought a copy of The Christopher Chronicles today on MY BIRTHDAY!!! 

If you buy one copy, Priority S&H will be $4.95. Here's the thing deal.  If you buy TWO copies, it's still $4.95! What!

Here's the thing promo. Remember that PEECAN candy I dared you to try at home? I want to give some away. I am going let Christopher pick the lucky winner from the Birthday Promo orders. Oh geez, I hope there will be more than one name to draw from. Well there you have it, it could be YOU!!!

Here's the thing...Just in case you can't get yourself organized today, there will be a copy & paste tomorrow - changing Kenya to Christopher and apple green to orange. It will be his 7th birthday!

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Sporadically Marketing,

Kenya G. Johnson