And the SAG awards go to...


To all my fellow Sagittarians! A special shot out to a special little girl, Cierra, whose birthday is today! 

We are a SPECIAL group of individuals. The parents of the Sag’s say, yeah they are “special”.

My mom and I are JUST alike. Imagine how special my daddy thinks we are!

I used to be all up in, “What’s your sign?” when I was younger.  Is that dating me? I found it fascinating to read all about Sagittarians and who we are compatible with.

For me, a Capricorn, was definitely on the short list. I was "in like" with this Capricorn boy in middle school.  So I read ALL the things about our “love” signs to find SOMETHING that made us perfect for each other. Short story, we didn’t get along when we tried to “like” each other, but we became really good best friends for many many years. Knowing how that worked out, I steered clear of the Capricorns. But you can’t help who you fall in love with. My mom married a Capricorn, and dangit, I married one too! 

A few repelling special traits about me, that I know to be SAG related: 

  • The truth hurts doesn’t it? Oh I’ll burn you with it. I’m a fire sign. (I’ve learned tact over the years) 
  • I am reluctant to be taught anything. If I can’t figure it out for myself - you do it
  • My empty glass can sit in the same spot all day, but someone else’s will drive me crazy. 
  • I am clumsy; I’ll trip over my own words. My shoulders are magnets to door frames. The bruises I keep, I might as well call them birth marks. I did manage to punch myself in the face once and my forehead has met a doorknob or two. 
  • I wish I could have a blueprint for well everything. I’m not usually on board with anyone’s ideas unless I came up with them. I’ll have a million excuses not to or why I can’t until I’ve completed my own mental blueprint. Then I can see the light (sometimes it’s the one you showed me).
  • I unravel when things start to unravel. The first thing I fix has nothing to do with the unraveling.  
  • I’ll remember that you hurt my feelings but I won’t hold a grudge against you. I’ll just hit get you back and you’ll never know what hit you.
  • I’ll say something nice, smile at you or do something nice when we can be friends again.
  • I am loyal.
  • I bark quietly and then I bite.
  • When I get past needing a blueprint, I’m still not all in. As far as I am concerned, there is an “i” in team.   

SAG Awards

Lady Tee’s birthday shared with my cousin Kamilah, was the day after Thanksgiving. 11/25 

Bits of Bee - November 30th

Uncle D - December 9th 

Mommy - December 12th 

I share December 13th with another special little girl, Kaiya.  

Christopher - December 14th 

Cierra - December 15th 

Last night I found out that one of my blogger buddies birthday is tomorrow. Happy Birthday to “Pidg” of PidgaAPeg.

Ronni - December 20th

Nina - December 21st - she almost didn’t make the SAG cut 

Then there’s a bunch of facebook friends whose birthday’s I do in all CAPS. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SO & SO!

Here’s the thing....Are you tired of me talking about birthdays now? I’ve been on a roll. Well this is the last one. Maybe a special one for my husband whose birthday is on December 29th? Dang, why couldn’t his birthday fall on Wordless Wednesday - that would be so easy!  

One more trait - I PROCRASTINATE. This blog has nothing to do with my long list of stuff to do today. To steal Pidg’s line, “Crazy busy doesn’t even begin to cover it!” 

Sporadically Yours and living the busy dream,

Kenya G. Johnson