Google Plus Moogle Plus - What's all the fuss?


You already know. Google is canceling Google Friend Connect in March. They want you to join Google + and from what I see after joining, it looks like a red Facebook! That's just one more social network to maintain. If they change the features before I have a chance to figure them out, I am not going to be happy.

I imagine bloggers with lots of followers are sweatin' the loss of that GFC widget. It is kind of a badge of honor. My chest has stuck out more with each new follower that I received. However, it doesn't mean a thing, if they are only there because they "followed you back". I am guilty of being a follow backer. I return to their site to give it another chance and say, "I just can't do this one." Did anyone gasp because I said that out loud? Well it's the truth, right?

So Google + seems to be sort of a red facebook hangout. While everybody is there trying to re-establish circles of friends, I am wondering who is going to have time to read my blog? Daddy are you still with me? You don't have to read this one. I probably lost him at widget.

I am the type of person that when something is going away, I go ahead and disconnect first. Like when Tassimo said they were no longer partnering with Starbucks, even though they still had months and months of Starbucks supplies, I stopped buying the Starbucks brand coffee. Or when Netflix jacked up their DVD service, I canceled the service and sent my DVDs back even though we still had time to watch them. You know what that's called? Separation anxiety. So GFC you can hang around until March 2012 all you want to, we aren't friends anymore. I dismiss you first!

With that said, you can join me on the red Facebook, because it is lonely over there. You can Like my blue Facebook page and you can follow me on Twitter. But here is what I really want you to do and it is so simple - nobody even has to know. Follow me by e-mail! Now that's a FAN. You type your e-mail address up there (top right), I believe you will receive an e-mail to verify that you want to receive posts from Here's the thing... and that's it. My current post will be in your e-mail when you sit down with your morning coffee. I post sporadically, just in case you want to have your coffee with someone else. We can take turns.

I want to be read, not just looked at.

If you like to read blogs from your device, check out Pulse, Flipboard, Reeder, Instapaper etc. There are bunches of "readers" where you can subscribe to any bloggers feed.If you are in anyway a techie check out these blog posts I wrote:

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I would like to have you as part of all my social networks (for numbers sake), yes I'm still counting, but Here's the thing.... I post the same thing everywhere. Who has time for otherwise?

Sporadically Moogling,

Kenya G. Johnson

Sporadically Yours