Wednesday with words...Family Photo 2011


So a few weeks ago I showcased photos from Christmas past, promising to post our 2011 photo and share the story behind it.

We took our photo on Sunday, November 27th. I was sending out a newsletter to family and friends, announcing my husbands retirement (24 years) from the Marine Corps in April 2012, our decision to stay here, and sharing the publishing news of The Christopher Chronicles. I had a vision for the newsletter and I wanted the holiday photo to "match". 

So most Sunday mornings I am up first with all the intentions of, we are going to church today. Some Sunday's I lay in bed and nudge my husband while asking, "Are we going to church today?" Unless he REALLY wants to go, my question alone makes him settle in for another hour or two after, for good measure, he says, "If you want to".  

Our holiday photos never look like there was chaos moments before. The photo day is never planned. I usually make the suggestion based on losing the extra pounds from Thanksgiving and on my hair being a perfect dirty - when it looks best.  It's usually hot in the house because its hot outside, but its Winter and it's crazy to turn the air on.  I may have just curled my perfectly dirty hair at 7:00 in the evening. There will be a mishap with mascara - it's a given. I'll either sneeze while my eyelashes are still wet or I'll poke myself in the eye with the brush. Christopher is never feeling changing out of what he was wearing. Clothes are tossed about from deciding on what bottoms to wear. I have usually spent weeks looking for the tops, which is usually based on what I have found for Christopher to wear. This year I didn't want to prolong my book announcement looking for Christmas sweaters that would be too hot to wear anyway. 

So I nudge again, "How about we skip church and take our holiday family photos today? At the beach! Then we can go to lunch afterwards." I ramble on about the newsletter, building my case and he says, "Okay." I think at the moment he's just happy to roll over with his wife and miss church. So I got Papa bear the photographer on board.

Baby bear was happy to miss church to go to the beach.  However, when I started pulling out clothes and shoes to wear to the beach, he questioned me. "Why are you not getting my swim stuff?" Well #1, its not THAT hot. But I said with the sweetness of syrup, "We are taking pictures at the beach for our Christmas cards!" So he understood that we would not be getting in the water. "Can I take my bucket and stuff and play in the sand?" I said, "No we aren't going to be there that long. We are just going to take pictures." He gave me a dull expression and said, "Well I don't want to go then." I remain smiley, Mama bear doesn't want to ROAR and have fake smiles for the photos. So I offer a bribe. "If you don't whine and you smile nice, I'll buy you an app on the iPad when we get back." That's all it took to get baby bear on board.

Here's the thing...People always say how nice it must be to have a photographer in the house. To that I say, "It's convenient, but its still not free." I wish Papa bears bribe was as simple as a 99 cents iPad app.