Super dooper dooper close...

Yesterday Christopher asked, "Is today Thursday? I can't wait to skip Friday. Cause on Saturday it will be super dooper dooper dooper close to Christmas." So now we have to "get through" today and we will be super dooper dooper close!

Time to make the cookies! This year since we are staying in town, I didn't have to rush and make all the baked goods I give away.  A couple of weeks ago, I saw the guy in Lowes who I make brownies for. He rubbed his belly and said, "Almost that time huh?" I went ahead and made his brownies the next day. I had some baking to do anyway to send before the overseas deadline.

When I mailed out my cousins Pecan Candy to Afghanistan, the guy at the Postal Annex asked what was in the box (for shipping purposes). So he said, "Is that what you gave me last year?" So I had to remember to put him on the candy list. A couple weeks after that he got his candy when I was mailing out my brothers box of candy to California.

Last week I spent several hours stirrring and stirring and stirring. This is where my iPad comes in handy. I was able to catch up on a little television. ABC and NBC have apps for that, so I was entertained. I made MORE candy for my brother. He called and said his was gone, when I wondered if it had arrived yet.  I told him next year, he won't get his candy until Christmas Eve.  So I was a nice big sis, and sent him twice the amount I sent before.  After 6 batches, that's 18 cups of sugar, I had made enough for three teachers, the bus driver, our barber, one neighbor, the postman and a partridge in a pear tree. There was enough left for us to have at home. Up to that point I had already made candy several times, only saving a piece for the big boy and little boy. One day Christopher had come home from school and asked where it was. That day I had sent it to my editor. He said, "Humph. I want an Army of Pecan Candy for Christmas!" 

Earlier this week I made our barber a Carrot Cake. He has sold several copies of The Christopher Chronicles, so I granted his special request. 

Today I will be making Oatmeal Raisin, Snicker Doodle, and Sugar Cookies. These are for some more neighbors and Santa. Since it is super dooper dooper close to Christmas, I have been asked if I was making cookies this year.  One neighbor sent over her cookie tin from last year. 

Here's the thing... is it still a gift if it's expected or even asked for? I'm just sayin.

With that said,

Sporadically my pleasure,

Kenya G. Johnson