Baby It's Hot Outside...


Doesn’t Christmas make you reminisce? Sometimes the nostalgia has nothing to do with Christmas but they are memories nonetheless. Someone posted a photo similar to this one on facebook and I instantly made the connection.  I remember the sound of music just before the tape was about to be eaten by the cassette deck and if you heard chipmunks, it was too late. You would have to push eject, slowly remove the cassette so you wouldn’t break the ribbon, and use that pencil tip to wind the ribbon back into the cassette. On the rare occasion you might have to put a little scotch tape on for repair and just lose a section of your music. Ahh, the good ole days.

Do you remember blowing the dust off of the record player’s needle? Isn’t it funny how we knew what to do to fix whatever the problem was?  I guess we saw our parents remedy and followed suit. Like when Christopher was about three and I saw him rubbing a DVD across his clothes – never mind the buttons or zippers he was scratching it with. Oh, the look on my daddy’s face when I would reach for the needle and make the record skip. Ooops.

With all of the holiday baking, I have been listening to music on Pandora. Pandora is great for reminiscing and listening to some old music you may not own. Since I only listen to Christmas music once a year, I don’t buy anything new. You can put in a song or artist to create a station and it will play similar songs from that genre/era.  As much as I have used Pandora this month, I still have not reached whatever the free limit is.

Between Christmas shopping, being in and out of various stores, listening to XM and Pandora radio, I have learned that there must be 100 versions of Baby It’s Cold Outside. Here’s my version of the girl part (well I’ve recently learned two women sang it also so here’s my version of the person who starts first):

I’m tired of this soooong

It gets on my nerves

This really has been

played way too much...

I might well listen to it

Its kind of catchy when you get into it

So really I kinda like it

I’ll listen just a little bit more...

You see where I’m going with this. I don’t know all the real words to this song despite hearing it so many times. I actually own a copy of this song. I was suprised by hearing it on shuffle one day. The version I have is sung by Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn. It was on a Sarah Vaughn album. All of this time I thought the second voice was a man.

Here’s the thing…  I have my own 100 versions of it. Depending on a glass of wine or two and whether I am alone, I can get quite silly with it. Since we’ve been averaging temperatures in the 70’s this month my version ends with, “I really can’t stand, that its HOT outside”.

Sporadically Yours,

Kenya G. Johnson