Yes, I am a few days early. I have been reflecting about this year and how opening up in the blogging community has helped me to "open up" and re-realize my true passion. Though I started my blog in 2010, this has been the year I really started writing in it.

My New Year's resolutions have always been those superficial ones, like stop biting my nails. I did - I peel them now. I've been on the New Years start tomorrow exercise and/or diet regime. Starting tomorrow usually happens in the Spring before I have to bare my legs in some shorts. This year, on January 1, 2011, I made a serious commitment to myself. It was a commitment to make something happen with my writing. I did not make any announcements about it; this was between me, myself and I. We often have conflicting thoughts, but this was a commitment we all agreed to.

By August I was more than halfway through with the second book in the series for The Christopher Chronicles, yet I had not done anything with the first one. I was feeling pressure from myself because at that point the year was half over. I could not see myself on this day December 26, 2011 in the same place that I was on January 1st. So I sent in both titles to the Library of Congress for copyright protection, then I set things in motion to "make something happen". By November 30th, I was blogging sporadically consistent, I had self published The Christopher Chronicles: Age 5, I had sent a six year old draft of a book to my editor, and I had started writing a new book. A new book which I can not describe yet, but will tell you that it had me at Chapter One.

A friend of mine let me borrow last months copy of The Oprah Magazine where these three questions were asked:

  • How does what you're doing make you feel?
  • Does it have a positive impact on others?
  • Does it turn up the volume and increase the vibration of your life?

I'll apply all three of the questions to writing in my blog. Blogging excites me. When I have nothing to write, I feel kind of sad and anxious. When a thought comes to me, I cannot wait to start drafting it. When I stalk my stats, and see how often I am visited, it is awe-inspiring. I have learned that I do have a positive impact on people. I have received comments that I want to wrap my arms around. I rarely comment back because I assume people do not return to check (I don't), so I sporadically respond to comments via e-mail. That said, I appreciate every viewer, subscriber and commenter. THANK YOU. The best comment I ever received was from a fellow blogger who said, the last time someone made her laugh so much was a man she wanted to marry. In awe,  I thought, "What? I'm funny?"  Thanks YOU!

So the last question, does it turn up the volume and increase the vibration of your life? ABSOLUTELY. Me, myself and I are in love! You know the feeling of being in love (new love), where you can't wait to see each other, want to be together as often as possible, stay up all hours of the night just to be in each others company? That is me and my writing. Writing here has increased the vibration in my life. It has absolutely turned up the volume in my spirit, and now I am writing a book.

Here's the thing... I have never looked so forward to turning another year older. The future looks good on me. Bring it on 2012!

Sporadically Yours (which means don't count on me to be posting here tomorrow, but I just might be),

Kenya G. Johnson