Don't call me anytime...


I had a girlfriend come to visit on Monday. Her sixteen year old daughter stayed home. As her phone is going off she said, "Wait until Christopher starts texting!" She said she will let it go on for a few texts but then she will text, "Just call me!" She said, "Who does she think I am, one of her little friends?" I'm thinking a quiet text message would be better than, "MOM!!!"

I bought Christopher and his friend a set of walkie talkies for Christmas. I debated on them sharing one set, but it only comes with one charger. I went ahead and bought two sets so one set could be at each house. So I thought it would be nice if they could call each other anytime, kind of like how the childhood friends did in the movie BIG starring Tom Hanks.

I was sitting here at my computer and I heard the pager on the walkie talkie. I thought that was cute. We hadn't tested the range, so I was curious and answered. His friend said "Um Miss Kenya, Christopher wants to talk to you." Christopher asked me what time he had to be home. I just shook my head. He would be home in a few. They go from one house to another almost every 30 minutes so there was no point in answering that question.

Once I answered the first page he was able to keep calling me. "Mom. Mom? MOM? MOM! MOM!!!!" After he stops, "I call back, "WHAT!!!! You have to take your finger off the button!" I had just emailed a friend that I was at the computer waiting for my brain to give me something to write. Every time I zoned in on a thought, "Mom?" I'm thinking OMG! I get enough of that right under my own roof. What did I buy walkie talkies for?!"

Here's the thing... I turned the power off on the walkie talkies and here is today's sporadic publication. The boys are over here now.

Kenya G. Johnson