His and Hers (ours)...


I got a chair for Christmas. Not the most romantic gift in the world. But only my husband would know that I absolutely would want that. So that makes getting a chair thoughtful and romantic. I had been using a folding chair and neither my back or bottom liked it. Recently I had started sitting in the bed with my laptop and I don't think my husband liked that. Especially if he was right there. Laptop heat was not what he was looking for.

Of course I was dreaming bigger when I saw the box under beside the Christmas tree. Could it be an iMac? Uh, no. Think bigger, but smaller. I kinda knew it wasn't the iMac when I had to push the box out of the way to get to the plug for the Christmas tree. It was too heavy, but I was still hopeful. I hadn't asked for anything except for one of those electric wine opener things. I gave my husband the 20% off coupon and picture of the wine opener from Bed, Bath and Beyond. He did good. I got that too. 

He will tell a long story about him trying to buy me a digital camera for Christmas. I will try to tell the short one. It was our third Christmas and we were in Japan. We had gone to a camera store in town and found a helpful sales guy who spoke English fairly well. It was 1998 and we had our first computer and the internet so I was able to research the cameras; something he taught me to do. Little did I know every time I made my mind up about a camera, that is the one he went and bought. He would question me about it, then I would tell him about a different camera and why it was better than the last. He says he bought and took back three cameras which resulted in me getting jogging suits for Christmas. Imagine my disappointment, that the too big jogging suits were not a gag gift.

Since then, he wants to know EXACTLY what I want (which is no fun) so I say I don't want anything and I buy it myself. So it was exciting to me that this year he came up with something on his own. 


Before you romanticize about how sweet and thoughtful he is... he got one too. 

Here's the thing... now I also have a comfortable chair to sit in when I am using his iMac (which is totally mine when he's not home). 

I love my chairs!

Sporadically Yours,

Kenya G. Johnson