5 Statements for Monday


Y’all know how I do. This goes on 5 Question Friday (5QF). I am posting mine today. There was a 5th missing so I added the “Materialistic Love” and I rearranged mine for emphasis. Here are my 5S4M:

5 Materialistic things iLove!

  1. iPhone
  2. iPad
  3. Kindle
  4. KitchenAid Stand Mixer
  5. Tassimo (Tassy)

5 things I'm knowledgeable about 

  1. Computer parts
  2. Fixing toilets (MINE). I don't want to be up close and personal with anyone else's toilet.
  3. Making goodies (perishable ones), I couldn't make craft goodies to save mylife.
  4. Grammar rules (don’t count on it here)
  5. Where the public toilets are in town and the private ones (this time seven years ago I had to know) – the private ones were nice enough not to turn a pregnant lady down. Oh maybe it was my, I don’t give a d@mn if your toilets are not for public use look. When I had a potty trainer, this look came in handy.

5 things I know nothing about

  1. Car parts
  2. How to cut up a whole chicken – EWWW
  3. Cutting grass. I’ve never ever done it. What?
  4. How to eat a crawfish – EWWW (my man is from Louisiana, I just can't get with peeling and eating whole crawfish)
  5. Football; go ahead ask me a question. Okay, I know who the Dallas Cowboys are. Don’t glare or high five; I just said I know them. I didn't say I’m a fan.

5 things I believe

  1. When I go to Heaven, I get to chose the best Me in my lifetime 
  2. You can get rid of hiccups by finding your inner peace. Sit down, shut up and relax. (Actually I know this)
  3. The endorphins in M&M’s are better than any other chocolate
  4. My student loan will never be paid off
  5. A toilet with Pine Sol in it or a wet kitchen floor is a magnet for big boys and little boys

5 things you don't know about me

  1. I’m 5’5”
  2. I don’t like to shop
  3. I wear glasses when I write and drive (I don't see well all other times in between)
  4. I’m a slow and low talker
  5. I’ve published a book!

Here's the thing... come back on Wordy Wednesday for an announcement.

Sporadically hinting at something,

Kenya G. Johnson

Sporadically Yours