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On November 30, 2011, at approximately 4:25 pm, my fourth and final proof for The Christopher Chronicles (TCC) arrived via UPS.

I was on my way out of the door when the truck pulled up. Unlike when I received my first proof, I snatched this one open, saying please don't see anything wrong. If I saw one more thing my reaction would have been similar to the hospital telling me to go back home because I had not dilated yet. I would  have been very disappointed even though, I was very close to having the baby.

On Monday, November 7, 2011 at approximately 12:15 pm, I had received my first proof. I gently took the envelope from the rushy UPS man and closed the door. I remained leaning up against the closed door holding the envelope to my chest. I went over to the sofa and opened it in that annoying way people open presents when they want to save the paper. When I saw it, and held it in my hands, my eyes welled up like I was holding my newborn. Then I jumped up and down, sang some made up songs and danced to the sound of happiness. When I came down from my high, I got critical and decided to change a few things.  I had a dream just a few nights prior, and knew that I did not need to rush into making the book available.

Aside from Najah Clemmons beautiful artwork, I created the look for TCC and submitted a print ready PDF. So I didn't have to "go back" to anyone to fix anything. I did further research, used another company, and changed the size of the book  This caused me to have to reformat everything. Sigh with me. I would have charged myself double for that if it made sense. I also exchanged out two or three Christopherisms, that I may not have ever been forgiven for publishing.

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Christopher and I went to the bookstore. I figured things would be busy enough that no one would pay attention to me pulling a book out of my purse and putting it on the bookstore shelf to take a picture. But I was also thinking who cares, I'm having a vision here. I don't have a vision board, but if I did, this would be on it.

So back to November 30th at approximately 6:25 pm, my index finger rests on the click of the mouse. One click will approve my proof and my online store will become available. I click it. I order copies that I need to autograph and send out before I can make an announcement. The most important copy to my Uncle Greg - book dedication explains this. Meanwhile, I had rushed my husband to take our annual holiday family photo (story on that later), because I had written a newsletter to be sent out with it. I timed the Christmas Card/Newsletter to arrive before I made any social networking announcements about TCC.

The Christopher Chronicles is a definite book one of two. TCC has 99 Christopherisms (stuff he said at age 5). In the words of my editor Antoinette Dickson,

"This book is for every adult who has ever been left speechless by a child and had to hold back their laughter."

Here's the thing... I may or may not be gently shoving this down your throat for awhile.

Eh 'em, if you are that adult who wants to laugh out loud or know of someone who needs a laugh please buy a copy!

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