Happy Birthday to me - It's a new.........


WEBPAGE!!! Don’t count the candles on that cupcake – it’s not relevant. Oh and you already know I’ll be 41 on my birthday, since I’ve talked about being forty all year long. Forty was the best year ever and it’s not over yet. My birthday is TUESDAY, December 13th. 

I wanted my new website and I to have the same birthday, but I have a different plan for a post that day. Additionally, I didn’t want to mess with this over the weekend, and I didn’t want to take the chance that mapping from the old to the new would miss my birthday altogether. (It wouldn't have. Mapping took 1 hour).

Christopher’s birthday is next Wednesday, and then my husband’s is on the 29th. Even though mom isn’t in our household, I’ll throw hers in too. Happy Birthday Mom (December 12th)! Needless to say, we can’t go all out for everything.  So Christopher has a big birthday (without the party), and we keep Christmas reasonable. 

My husband and I have gone back and forth about Christopher getting an Xbox 360. Yeah Christopher mentioned that he wanted one a couple times, but he would be just as happy with a bunch of cheap stuff. I managed to talk Christopher out of wanting one as Christmas approached.  My first reasoning was that Santa didn’t buy gifts like that. It would come from mommy and daddy and that would be all he would get.  He has no concept of the difference in a $300 price tag compared to a bunch of cheap stuff. Secondly he has my iPad all weekend which has plenty of games on it. Once I had him convinced and told the big boy that we didn’t need to get an Xbox this year, I saw the light go out in his eyes.  So I sighed and compromised, “If you really want him to have it, then he should get it for his birthday not Christmas.”  Christmas is not about the gifts.

So we went out on Black Friday while my parents were home with Christopher.  I stood by while my husband asked about the pros and cons of each system – I’m thinking whichever one is the cheapest is the one.  We decide I will come back when the line is more reasonable and get the PS3. So I ventured out yesterday and bought it and cringed at the total which included a bundle and a 4-year service protection plan. Toooooo much!!!

We attended my husband’s Battalion Christmas party tonight.  It was the best one we have ever been to. Well the food was still gross, but the entertainment was excellent.  Three years ago I remember leading a pouting and tearful Christopher out of there because we didn’t win anything in the raffles. Guess what we won tonight? THE XBOX 360!!!! Say it with me, “Woooo-hoooooo”!  So guess where I will be at 10am tomorrow? That’s right, I’ll be at Best Buy returning stuff.  Since my husband is retiring from the Marine Corps in April, that was a great last Battalion Christmas party.

Here’s the thing…I do like to have nice things, but I don’t need a fancy purse. I want another iPad so I can have it all to myself but that would be frivolous. However this website is a gift that will keep on giving.  Take a look around. I have a page dedicated to The Christopher Chronicles now.

Sporadically Yours,

Kenya G. Johnson