How long was it at the theater?

A hot minute?

I was shocked when I saw the video in Walmart last week. At the time I made a mental note to get it from Redbox for our Friday movie night.

Though I get annoyed by remakes, sometimes they don't disappoint; I enjoyed The Chipmunks.

We were in theater this summer for Kung Fu Panda 2 when we saw the preview for The Smurfs. While we were there, we also saw the preview for Cars 2.  

When the preview for The Smurfs came on, Christopher couldn't understand why I knew all about them. I said it was a cartoon that I watched when I was little. He said, "So was it Smurfs one?"

I clearly remember the premiere of the original "Smurfs One". I looked it up on IMDB to see that the original came on September 1981, so my brother was three and I was ten.

My best friend had spent the night so we could watch it together. I remember that I had a little 13 inch television that sat on a trunk in my room. Funny, that television probably weighed more than a 36 inch flat panel today. We were sitting on the floor, so the television was pretty much eye level.  We were all settled in for the big premiere and here comes my little brother busting through the door.  

I recall him standing right in front of the television and proceeding to scream and whine when I tried to move him out of the way. I know my friend had to be thinking she wished she had stayed home. There wasn't a VCR (at least we didn't have one) to record and rewind. We pretty much watched it over whining. MOM! 

I became a fast fan despite the disturbed premiere. 

A  few months ago, when Christopher got Papa Smurf in his happy meal I asked if I could have it. He didn't care. Again, he wanted to know what I knew about the smurfs and if the one I looked at was in 3D. Uh - no. The happy meal Papa Smurf sits on a bookshelf in my little office space.   

Here's the thing... I don't have a smurfview because I was multitasking, reminicing, texting, folding clothes, and writing this post. Christopher loved it and wants to own it. He's getting ready to take a shower and we are going to watch it AGAIN. That's what happens when you start movie night at 5:00 PM. Next time I'm in Walmart, I'll snatch up a copy for the Christmas stocking.

Sporadically Yours, 

Kenya G. Johnson