A Promise is in The Word

I woke up this morning on the wrong side of bed
My prayer for peace became noise in my head
I imagined myself somewhere I don’t want to be
Somewhere far off, somewhere not for me
With time to spare,
I rested again.
Dreaming, I am tasked to make a decision.

“Which door?”

I opened the wrong one; filled with darkness and gloom
How should I know, which one to assume?
“It is written”, I hear…
Whispered from Heaven
“Go and read Jeremiah 29:11”
I know, I know
I see, I see
God has plans, just for me
I get it.
I will
Believe, Relax, Pray
I will I will do as you say
I will have faith
I will be patient
I will realize
And shall soon see
The plan God has just for me

~ Kenya Gallion Johnson