I’ll take Brown Rice for 200 Alex


Since I love my iPhone so much, I figured we could work together on a diet plan and of course, “there’s an app for that”. At the end of week 1 and strict calorie counting, I have lost 4 pounds and I can see a trace of my cheekbones! With this, I must admit I was evil all week (I mean look at my portion size - left) of my Friday night special!

I only got to exercise once this week and with that I hurt my lower back. It wasn’t a new routine; I think I was just a little too gung-ho, hadn’t allowed my 40 year old body a proper warm-up, and I pulled something. Unfortunately the pain has lasted for several days. Fortunately my tight jeans provided some lower back support and combined with some ibuprofen, I made it through. But without exercising, counting calories is even harder because you don’t have any burned calories to add back to your daily allowance.

On my first day I only had 7 calories left when it was time to eat dinner. On my bad days, I had a bowl of broccoli or nothing. One day I just tasted a forkful of smothered chicken, rice and corn from my son’s plate and charged myself 100 calories for it. Yeah I’m a little deprived; perhaps a reckless course for a diet, but the progress I’ve made outweighs my desire for a Grab Bag of Doritos or a handful of M&M’s. One day I can have those things again. I remind myself it will be “when I know how to act”. Right now I’m on restriction.

I’ve cut back to just one Latte a day and I am thankful for my acquired taste for tea without sweetener. Tea, water and gum have brought me through those moments when I wanted to start grazing in the kitchen pasture. However, I discovered that sugarless gum costs 5 calories and I REFUSE to count that!

Sacrifices. It's a psychological game, chewing and sipping, hoping my brain is sending the intended message to confuse my metabolism...

I drink flavored sparkling water out of a wine glass at night; I guess to shamelessly remind myself what I have given up - for Lent.

I wake up each morning cupping my cheeks (whichever you assume) with both hands, to “feel” for any weight loss. I get on the scale (after I’ve shed my pj’s) to see what the verdict is. I am happy to break even as long as there is no gain. My gain is my loss...

I know I’ve got a grasp on things now when I've turned down a neighbors good cooking. Can't say I'm not hungry though. I've gone as far as taking a piece of lettuce to clean the serving of salad dressing from a tablespoon to get all that I am allotted.

Now it’s Friday night. Pizza night…and I am going to have some brown rice with my vegetables dammit and some sparkling water in a pretty wine glass on the side!

Alex: A combination of gum, tea, water and steamed vegetables.

Me: What is calorie counting?