Food Glorious Food is My Theme Song


I’m a little sick of Jennifer Hudson, and if I hear her sing, "It's a New Day" one more time....but dammit if she didn’t encourage me to get back on Weight Watchers! I’m just hatin’ on her because I’ve wondered, “How did Effie get smaller than me”? She looks great. I remember when I was on Weight Watcher’s the first time and had that look. At my smallest, I was a little too skinny and she’s getting there. One thing about those hips though, they ain’t goin’ nowhere after birthin’ a baby! The bottom line is, and I hate to admit it, Weight Watcher’s is the only eating plan I have ever been successful with – it just works. For me it is like nails on a chalkboard to quote Weight Watcher’s saying, “It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle” screeeeech. So true! It is a lifestyle for endurance, not one to endure.

In June of 2003, I had lost 28 pounds. Almost eight years later I had gained almost all of it back. I guess eight years isn’t bad, considering in that time I had a baby, gained 42 pounds and lost it on my own. But as I approached 40, the fat had appeared in new places. Not to mention the stress diet I had, while taking classes towards my BA, averaging two ice cream cones a day – what did I expect? At 40 years old, my fat in new places wasn’t something I could tackle without some help.

I won’t knock calorie counting because I plan to return to it once I am maintaining my weight loss. But I was starving on practically 1000 calories a day, grudgingly eating a dry salad because I hadn’t saved enough calories for salad dressing and counting how many grape tomatoes I could have was turning me into a “crackhead” for something tastier. I am not the “rah, rah, clap, hug and congratulatory kind of team player” so I’m not doing the meetings. I happily do Weight Watchers online - there's an app for that - and cheer for myself on weigh in day. Ten pounds down, ten to go. Now I optimistically make my meals with just the right amount of this and that making it pretty and tasty. It doesn’t matter how much my lettuce weighs, I can enjoy a salad just the way I like it while singing:

Oh, food,
Wonderful food,
Marvellous food,
Glorious food!

Sporadically yours!