5 things I know for sure

August is the month of my wedding anniversary. This year we celebrate 14 years. I decided to dig in a box of things I had saved from that time.

My first “blind” date with my husband was December 5th, 1995.

The day he proposed we had gone to buy a corkscrew for a bottle of wine he brought from Italy and had been saving for a special occasion. That was a dead giveaway, but I waited patiently until approximately 11:00 pm September 1, 1996 for the proposal.  I was clueless at his insistence that I should put ice in my wine. I was an inexperienced wine drinker but ice in wine?

My ring was in an ice cube.

In my box of things, I find a journal with all kinds of notes and receipts. Some of which include:

The layaway receipt to my dress dated September 30, 1996 for a total of $451.50.

A Butterwick pattern for the bridesmaid dresses bought on November 16, 1996 for $4.47.

A travel itinerary received in the mail from Delta Disney Dream Vacations

A reception center contract filled out and signed by my USMC Sergeant dated ‘970108’.


A map I drew by hand for directions to the reception hall

'Soooo 1997' items packed for my honeymoon: A black leather fanny pack, hair grease, belts for my shorts because I actually tucked in my shirts, and a long distance calling card.

In fourteen years, there are five things I know for sure:

I know for sure.png

1. I can’t stay up ‘til 11:00 for anything but bringing in the New Year
2. You can’t get a new iPad for the price of my wedding dress
3. MapQuest/GPS - best inventions for directions
4. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a fanny pack!

And #5 - You don't put ICE in wine!

Sporadically Yours,