College Degree Preferred


What kind of family is in search of a teacher for faith-based education for two middle school aged children, to include sports activities, and field trips? Additionally, nanny-like tasks are to be performed such as cooking and cleaning. Nanny-like tasks? ~with a degree~ Excuse me? Will there be rent-free living quarters included with free access to a fully stocked mini-bar?   

I thought HOME schooling was for families who want to teach their kids their OWN faith-based family values - not those of someone else. I would like to meet the person who actually applies for this job. The family is asking for so much of one person, I doubt this would even qualify as an internship. What this family needs is to send their kids off to boarding school.

The ad between the lines reads: Family in search of someone educated to raise our kids and teach them some values. We will need you to take them site-seeing, sign them up for sports and attend all their events. We also need you to cook and clean up after them. Please have a degree and some experience so that we can assume they have been left in the best of care. We are going to be gone 12 hours a day, 7 days a week until they grow up and get out of the house. We love them but we don't like them.

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