Sporadic Publications to Appsider

Post title:  Sporadic Publications to Appsider

When I started this blog I had writer’s block in the worst way. A fellow blogger and friend Serendipitous Sojourn told me how easy it was to blog and that I would enjoy it. I was still in school and almost finished with earning a BS in Communications; but I needed a writing outlet. I felt like my love for writing had been buried under my priorities: wifeyhood, motherhood and term papers. What in the world would I write about? And how would I find the time? I decided to write about anything as often as the mood struck and time would allow. So began my sporadic publications.

I started this blog in June 2010. From October 2010 to March 2011, I allowed myself to fall into that hole again and stop writing. During that time, I had turned 40 and I was trying to figure out where I should have been at this stage in my life. Uninspired by lack of self accomplishment, I couldn’t think of anything to write.

Here’s the thing…..

Good ideas are not adopted automatically. They must be driven into practice with courageous impatience. ~ Adm. Hyman G. Rickover

When I got back to writing again I became sporadically consistent. I started reading other bloggers and meeting new people along the way. There is a whole world of bloggers out there that write about what they love and they have good blogs! Though I wouldn’t consider myself a fashionista, I like to read Lipstick Diva. She has a gift for putting together outfits in a way that I never could without an instruction manual. Thank goodness she provides pictures. I have considered my attire when leaving the house thinking, “Lipstick Diva would not approve!” I’ve even enjoyed Van's Doll Treasures even though I am not a doll person. She is a grown up who still plays with dolls in a grown up way. She dresses them in the cutest outfits and shares doll stories that sound like real life. She has commissioned doll furniture and she’s VERY good at it.

I have wanted to write about something cool I had learned about my iPhone or iPad to share on my blog but it just didn’t fit into my “about anything” sporadic publication. While preparing a writing sample the other day, I came up with the idea for my next blog. The writing sample had to be less than 200 words. Since I tend to be long winded at 600+ words per blog, I thought it would be good practice to be more concise in a blog, writing on a regular basis about something I love.

I’ve learned not to judge a blog by its title. You never know what you’ll blog jog across to discover how intriguing it is. Check me out at least once at Appsider. If you know any Apple/app lover’s, send them my way for another fun read and my apperspective.

I’ll still be here too – sporadically consistent.

Sporadically Yours!