Two and a Half WIN!

In my household we have exactly 7 channels, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, WGN, FOX and ION television (whatever that is). After watching nothing this summer except for reruns of old shows like Ally McBeal on Netflix, I am glad for the return of Fall Shows. I am sad to lose a few from last season, so I’ll need to restock Tivo. Over the years I have been a fan of Crime Drama's. For one reason or another, I have fired them all from Tivo. I don’t like television to make me sad, scared or disgusted (reality tv). I just like to laugh. To sit down and watch television is a time to relax and unwind, not get uptight about murders, rapes, abuse or the drama of head rolling, desperate and divorced housewives.


I had not been a previous fan of Two and a Half Men, because I never was a fan of Charlie Sheen. My husband watched the show and I would just leave the room to do something else. I was happy with the networks decision to fire Charlie and not condone his public drug and alcohol abuse. People in the real world can’t abuse drugs and alcohol and expect to keep their jobs – why should he? I was more elated to hear that Ashton Kutcher (I like him) would be the new main character on the show – so I ‘tivoed’ it. When my husband and I were settled, I told him I had recorded the show and offered to watch it with him. He said, “You’re gonna watch tv with me?” He sarcastically went on about how this must a special occasion. Yeah, yeah whatever…

I just LOVE how Charlie was written out of the show. It was downright mean actually. Ha haaaaaaaaaa! He had been killed – possibly murdered by a scourned woman. The funeral was filled with scourned women who just wanted to see his dead body. They talked about him like they were glad he was dead, mentioning diseases that he had left them with. Not one person had respect for the deceased – not even Charlie’s “mother” who was trying to sell his property at the funeral. Two and a Half Men has earned its way into the heart of my Tivo. It gets a Season Pass! Ashton’s character will fit in just right. I think it will be like a new show, with an old cast who thankfully get to keep their jobs.

Next up this week, Castle, Modern Family, The Mentalist, Blue Bloods, and Happy Endings. Castle and The Mentalist are crime shows with humor. Modern Family and Happy Endings are funny sitcoms. Blue Bloods is mostly sad and stressful, but my husband likes to watch it and I like watching Tom Selleck. Here’s the thing…it doesn’t have to be a special occasion to spend Friday night sitting next to a handsome man while watching another one on television – it’s all good!

Sporadically Yours,

Sporadically YoursPapa Bear