Wit & Wisdom...


"A mind is a beautiful thing to waste", said my Imagination.

“Let’s not mince words”, Me, Myself and I said when imagination woke us up at 5:00 am on a holiday.  We had a dream last night that pretty much said, "Stop sleeping and get back in the game.”


So here I am at 5:07 am on January 16, 2012, needing to write down the dream I had and decipher it before Me, Myself and I forget all the details.

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Here's the story...

In my dream it was a snow day. I had other plans and the season changed just like that. Christopher and I were the only ones home. I know because I was on the phone with my husband who couldn’t believe it had snowed. With my multi-tasking iPhone I took a picture while we were on the phone to show him that it had indeed snowed. The snow was melting fast as we stood outside to take a picture. I turned around to see someone using a slow blower. One side of the street was wet and slick from rain. Another side was green and bright with sunshine. Moments later, everything had melted, dried and warmed up.

Christopher and I were back in the house and he was asking what we could do today. The sun was coming out and it was heating up. I suggested we go to the pool – crazy right? I’m deciphering as I type.  I only wanted to sit on the side and get my feet wet. For Christopher to be in the pool without me I needed some paperwork that proved his swim level.  We were sent on a mission to get what we needed before he could get back in the pool alone.

Even though I had parked in the wrong place, I found where I needed to be. Even though the weather had made the roof leak in the building, and everyone had moved from where they should be, I found the lady whom I needed to get the paperwork from. Even though she tried to tell me I needed something different, I was persistent and she realized I was correct.  Crazy right? I get it.

I believe God speaks to me in dreams; in a way that I hear Him and only I can understand.  When I was having my “lost dreams”, I would have never found the building I was looking for. If I found the building, I wouldn’t have found the lady. If I found the lady, she wouldn’t have had what I needed and I wouldn’t have found my way out of the building. Being lost is behind me now.   But I am struggling with standing still with my purpose while life is pulling me in different directions.

A snow day in Jacksonville, North Carolina represents standing still. Everything shuts down, though the weather doesn’t stick around very long.  God wants me to know that time goes by in a blink of an eye and I need to be ready for every season. I’ve only gotten my feet wet. I need to be persistent in what I want for myself, even when there is a detour. It is a sacrifice but I must immerse myself completely.

I haven’t shared all what I believe the dream to represent because the other parts only apply to me. I wanted to share this much because I know there are others in my same position. We struggle with what is practical, what is rational, and what will pay the bills.  We exert ourselves to maintain the household. We abide by for better or for worse. We make every effort to be everything for our children. We fight to keep our sanity when in the process of it all we find we are losing ourselves.

I commented recently to a blogger who wrote a post that sounded just like me. She wondered if she should just step back and away from her dreams. I wrote, “I propose that you never give up. Believing in oneself is time consuming but it energizes. It drains me when I am not doing anything to work towards my goal. I rather spin my wheels towards my goal than not at all."

Here’s the thing... If you found my title misleading, it was purely intentional unintentional.

I've always wanted to honor my late grandmother and have her poem published in one of my books. Now seemed like the appropriate time and place to share it. May someone be blessed here today with wit and wisdom. 

When I look at life

I smile

Just to think

God gave this to me

To use a while

I can hear

I can feel

I can love

All of this came from above

I want you to know Lord

I appreciate

What you have done

Giving me the moon

The stars

Even the sun

I am proud of Life

You made me feel that way

Glad to be around

Glad to see day

So I’m going to kick off my shoes

Throw down my hat

I’m set

Ready to face whatever

You bet

If there is a reason

That you keep me here

I’m going to make me better

Through each and every year

So I ask you God

For help and wisdom

Knowing you’re always there

I may face the Trials And Tribulations

Of Tomorrow

With a smile only

And not a trace of sorrow

Written by:

Ada S. Holtz