Speechless after MLK lesson...

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For those of you who are new here, let me introduce to you my son Christopher. He is the inspiration and the source behind The Christopher Chronicles.

So on the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., I wanted to explain to Christopher why he was home from school. He said, “I know. They told us on the samouncements at school Friday.” (First internal giggle)

Back to serious face. I told Christopher that one of the lessons that Martin Luther King Jr. taught us was “not to judge people by the color of their skin.” Before I could get to, “and not by the content of their character”, we go into a discussion that we have had many times before. He cannot understand why his friend was born white and is still white. Christopher was very light "white" when he was born yet he gets "browner" every year. So he asks,

"What am I, a human chameleon or something?"

In the words of my editor about The Christopher Chronicles, “This book is for every adult who has ever been left speechless by a child and had to hold back their laughter.”

Here’s the thing… I never quite recovered from samouncements, so with the reference to human chameleon, that was the end of my MLK lesson.