I am NOT a cookie monster...

On New Year’s Day I cooked a big Farmer Brown breakfast for six adults and one child. Then I proceeded to cook dinner. I ended the day with a super-sized plate of rice & gravy, red potatoes, carrots, green beans, a turkey leg and cornbread, promising to control my portions tomorrow.


No, I don’t cook the traditional stuff. I purposely managed to disappear when my mother-in-law called, because I know she would want to know what I cooked. Well she and I had that conversation on January 2nd. She said I at least had to open a can of black eye peas for “the change”. Okay.

I didn’t.

I was doing really good until… Santa’s cookies – sigh with me. For each tray of cookies that came out of the oven I had to try one, as if they would taste any different from the last batch. If you ask me how many trays came out of the oven, I will not tell. That would be an open confession as to how many cookies I really “tried”.

Four cookies were left out for Santa. She ate one whole cookie, took a bite of another and put the other two back in the tin with the other cookies (which she ate the next day). Who is she? I happen to know that SHE doesn't even like cookies. WHAT? (perhaps because she almost got stuck with Cookie as a nickname because she once LOVED cookies). Anyway.....

Between cakes, cookies, pecan candy, wine and stuff, it was time for that stinkin’ eat right and exercise regime again. There were two more batches of pecan candy made after Christmas and the last baked anything for 2011 was one more cake I made for my husband’s birthday.

For me, one thing I learned in 2011 (a little less than two months ago actually), is that all I had to do was get busy writing and when I did, I didn’t think about what I was going to eat next. I took a 4 session free tele-class, started writing a book and lost a few pounds in doing so.

Another FREE class starts tonight at 9pm EST – click here to sign up. It will not be too late to sign up even if you read this tomorrow. You do not want to miss Vondell Richmond's free writing classes on books, blogs, movies or plays. The inspiration I gained from his classes cannot be counted. I would gladly participate in this session if I could lose 4 pounds of holiday grazing just from listening again. 

So I did really good yesterday with this salad for lunch...

But by 4:00 I was sucking the orange off my fingers from all the Doritos I ate. Sigh with me.

Today I will do better

and I promise not to repeat this phrase tomorrow.

Here’s the thing… I have decided that in 2012, I am NOT baking anything else for free. I will only bake for gift giving. Believe that! Um, after I make a million mini red velvet cupcakes for a community Super Bowl party.

Kenya G. Johnson