Do Re Mi Fa So La Si Do...

Today I am receiving and responding to TWO blog awards. The Versatile Blogger Award and Liebster Blog Love. Once upon a October 19, 2011, I gave myself the Versatile Blogger award. On November 19, 2011 I responded to two more. For these today, I pulled my prepared speech out of my sock drawer.


screen fades to black… Kenya G. Johnson takes a bow, and exits gracefully.

To find out the rules on how these awards are generally accepted and how to pass them on, please check out the two gracious bloggers who thought of me: Taylor at TaylorCares and Pamela Zimmer at Stories of a Mom.

Here's the thing... In a doing it my way fashion, I'll close with, "Yall know how I do!" I'm sharing the love on my blog directory.

Kenya G. Johnson

The Peanut Gallery, the Crickets and the Choir

Landline Tribute...

Landline Tribute...

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