The Peanut Gallery, the Crickets and the Choir

"Can't we all get along?"

"I've fallen and I can't get up."

"Where's the beef?"

"Can you hear my now?" 

These are phrases that are so played out. If I hear someone use any of them, it makes me question with the new phrase,



Anyway that has nothing to do with the rest of my post. Yes, really.

You'll get my title in a swift read...

In 2010, when I tip-toed into the blogging world I was really scared of someone hurting my feelings (The Peanut Gallery). If you read comments to news articles, celebrity blogs, YouTube videos, you always ALWAYS see some crazy, grumpy, needing to be on meds person who is commenting/blasting out of left field about what someone may or may not have meant in their post. They curse, grammar check you, and call your opinions dumb. Commenter’s will even argue back and forth on your page. It always makes me say, "Whoa" and click out. Click!  I don't want negative energy coming at me through the screen of my computer, iPad or iPhone. 

So when I tip-toed out here and told a few people, guess what happened? Someone hurt my feelings! It was a REAL person, a REAL friend who hurt my feelings about writing a blog; commenting right in my ear through the phone. Really? YES! 

Then there are people who read and don't say anything (The Crickets) that's okay. Then you have the people who sing your praises (The Choir) - love them.

This post has sort of been brewing since being inspired when a fellow blogger Nay, wrote this about how we are in the blogging community. We are civil, silly, multi-talented, diverse, inspirational, and religious. We educate, we share, we have interests, we have issues, we respect each other, and we are friends. We all CAN get along. Within this crazy universe, there is the blogging community that reaches far and wide. It's a wonderful hangout. 

It's a sad day when I'm blog jogging and I run across someone who hasn't posted in weeks. What happened? Their last post says nothing about being MIA. They were on a roll. I hope everyone is okay. I hope they return. And I hope that never happens to me. It seems crazy to think that blogging would cease to exist or there would become a day that I say I will not or cannot do this anymore. Oh my gosh, I'm depressing myself.

This was supposed to be along the lines of a tribute to the blogging community, and a thank you to the people that read me and don't get all Peanut Gallery on me. I cannot help it. I stalk my stats and someone is reading the heck out of my blog (The Crickets?). Take THAT, person who hurt my feelings (The Peanut Gallery).

In no particular order, here's a shout out to a few members of The Choir: Antoinette (she’s in order, she read me first), Mom, Dad, Vanessa, Katina, Truth, Andi, Sonya, Jenn, Cecelia, Renea, Maya, Nancy, Terese, and LaDonna.

Here's the thing...there are a LOT of crickets. Trust me, the stats tell me so!

Kenya G. Johnson