Never say never....

This post was inspired by a fellow blogger Jen at We're Living a Full Life. I was tagged to share 10 things I've never done before. Well I haven't done a lot of things. I'm such a homebody - easily entertained under my own roof and playing all by myself. So mixing it up a bit, my list is 10 things I'll never do again.

Never again will I...

  • sing Karaoke. This photograph of me and my husband was taken on New Year’s Eve 1999. Someone has a video of us singing, Stay in my Corner by The Dells, horribly off-key.
  • keep the kitchen trashcan in the garage. We lived in Florida. We were new homeowners with a garage. There wasn’t a place for our ugly green trashcan in the kitchen. The fly fiasco ended with bombing the garage; TMI about all the flies. I bought a new trashcan for the kitchen and twelve years later I still have fly phobia.
  • shave my underarms and try a new ‘clinical’ deodorant. When the doctor asked me, “Did you recently switch deodorants?” I said, “No.” What difference would that have made? I still needed the same medicine; I didn’t need the disapproving look to go with it.
  • get on the Europe in the Air ride at Bush Gardens. I can do roller-coasters but apparently I can’t ride in a fake plane. ~inserts green face here~
  • buy a pair of pants, jeans, shorts or capris saying I’ll be able to fit them better in a few weeks. Never happens.
  • allow my husband to buy me a gym membership or any workout equipment. I’m finally getting his money’s worth from a bike he bought me 9 years ago. He finally stopped ragging me about it when my comeback was asking if his two sets of golf clubs had cobwebs on them.
  • pay for a blog hop. Yeah I actually did that. It was $3. But if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have met my blogging friend Vanessa and be hooked on all the doll stories in Morristown.
  • allow Mini-me to watch something “dark” before going to bed. I should know better. Most recent ‘lesson learned’ - Battleship. We stopped the movie at the green-eyed alien thing and still had a long sleepless night.
  • go with my husband to buy a car. Poor salesman. Poor me feeling sorry for the poor salesman.
  • go shopping with certain members of the family from sun up to sundown, out of town, at Christmastime, during the dreadful monthly fountain of youth. I digress... but never again - without a book to read.

Here's the thing...  seriously ladies -- NEVER try a new clinical deodorant after shaving your underarms.  

Do you have any never again advice to share?

Kenya G. Johnson