Maintenance Agreement


I Kenya G. Johnson being of sound mind and body, will agree to maintain some type of workout because it's a necessary part of life. Phooey.  If I physically can, there's no excuse not to. Right? Sigh...

Well it at least has to be fun.

Just so happens I found an app to keep me excited for awhile. It's called Runkeeper and it is currently free in iTunes. You can track your run, walk or bike ride. 

I had been biking a shorter distance until I realized how short that distance was. The first day I used this app, I kept riding until I got to 5 miles and then realized it wasn't so bad.


There's a voiceover that periodically reports how many minutes I have been riding, and how far I have gone.

Initially I was only doing a little over three miles which I thought was good considering that in the gym it takes me 35 minutes to go over a mile - riding at a snails pace while reading a book.

Now I feel that riding for 30 minutes and 5 miles is quite an accomplishment. I'm riding in the highest gears too!

Because of the way the app breaks down my time for each mile, I plan to challenge myself, which will make each ride more exciting. Tomorrow I will take the same route, but I will try to beat my time for the first mile. It's a simple challenge that makes me look forward to the next workout. 

If you are one of those people who likes to share your - who cares - workout stats on Facebook and Twitter, you do have the option to do that with Runkeeper. You'll never see me do that UNLESS I just ran a marathon. Don't hold your breath. That is NOT on my bucket list.

Here's the thing... I am using the iPhone 4. The reviews of Runkeeper in the App Store did complain that the mileage was inaccurate on the iPhone 4S. To date 590 users gave it a 5 star rating. I'll make it 591.  It's free, so there's nothing to lose by trying it out. Also make sure that you close the app each time you are done using it; using GPS rapidly decreases your battery life.

Kenya G. Johnson