I didn't mean to laugh...

Do you have any made up words in your vocabulary that came from your kids?


I have a few from Christopher and a few from my little brother. They are words that just stick. I don’t say them in public. My mom and I use a few of them with each other and only we know what they mean.

Can you guess these?

  • Don ta ta
  • Skilt
  • Himme der
  • Nunt wannit
  • Samouncements - play the 26s video to see this one used (I swear I didn't mean to laugh)

I was at Christopher’s school one day when someone said, “Now is time for some announcements” and it sounded just like, “Now it’s time for samouncements!” So THAT’S where he got it from. 

Here's the thing... I have a BIG SAMOUNCEMENT that I’ll be posting soon.

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Until then, what's a made up word used in your household?

Kenya G. Johnson