Creative Marketing...

Thanks to a 5 minute stream of consciousness  I can go ahead and make an announcement that for the life of me I am stressing about the right timing. I love the 5-minute brain dump because I have permission to write and not worry about grammar or mistakes. Today’s writing prompt revised slightly, What do you wish you were better at?

5 minutes go... 

There’s some things I am really good at. I made this 3d graphic of the cover to my newest book, all by myself. I didn’t have to buy anything. I found a blank white book online and manipulated Photoshop to do the virtual trick. I even made the coming soon graphic.

What I’m not good at is marketing this baby. I am going into my second year of The Christopher Chronicles. The This is the second edition of the first book. This edition has more stuff and will help me introduce book two.

I made a lot of mistakes - marketing etc with the first book. I didn’t do a lot of things I should have done. Timing was a major one. Now here I am again. Stressing over when to make the announcement and send an e-mail campaign to my family and friends.

There are big things going on, like the election and as of now Hurricane Sandy to effect my up north family. Bigger fish. When is the right time to talk about my book and ask people to like it and buy it. 

Should I go with the Nike slogan - Just do it?

Times up

I love this brain dump. I feel so much better. Thanks for listening. Official book announcement coming soon?

Happy Sunday All,

Kenya G. Johnson

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