Low Maintenance Season...

Disclaimer for my dad - it’s a girl post - read and comment at your own risk. 

It is November 1st; a date I just LOVE. It begins the season of what I will no longer do or wear in a no white shoes after labor day kinda way.

I am closing up shop, except this year I will not let the weather effect my exercise routine, so that I won’t be devastated by the spring reveal of my thighs and have to take remainder of the year to get them off.

During low maintenance season:

  • I will wear jeans straight out of the dryer or drawer, no matter how many hot days eastern North Carolina will get between now and March 1st. I will not iron out bunched up shorts or capris. 
  • I will not wear my ankle bracelet. It has been repaired and put away until Spring. I break it every year because I forget and pull it off with my socks.
  • There will be no shaving of the legs unless I just feel like it. I’ve already passed the stubble stage (thanks to October cool fronts).
  • I will not do the bi-weekly toenail polishing. I will just keep my feet soft and moisturized so they don’t snag the carpet.
  • I will wear and get away with the pajama bra under layers. ^==Guest post

So there's 5 things men notice... <==Guest post

Hair - some days will be hat days indoors and out

Lips - Carmex is more important

Nails - I already said there won’t be any polishing, clear is negotiable

Legs - I’ll maintain. I love wearing boots with jeans.

Butt - I’ll maintain. I gotta fit my jeans. 

Here’s the thing... Despite all the high maintenance I’m am not going to do, I am a lot cuter at 50 something degrees than 100. I’m a lot friendlier too. So there’s that.

What do you change with the seasons?

Kenya G. Johnson

Sporadically Yours