Veteran's Day (Observed)

Do you ever have one of those bad dreams you can't seem to wake up from? And when you do, you can't shake it?

Last night I had one. Actually just moments ago.

I dreamt about a weather catastrophe. Perhaps it was Sandy related, knowing how bad it has affected a large group of people. In this dream we knew something was going to happen. Sirens were going off everywhere and I guess we were advised to just get out and quickly.   Everyone was at the airport and lines snaked around to get inside to catch a flight out of there.  

Crowds had put distance between me, my husband and Christopher. I called Christopher to stand by me moments before we were inside of the airport and they shut the doors; leaving my husband and others trapped outside.

We watched the outside crowds disperse and the ones of us inside watched in horror as we took off and the ground beneath us had waves come crashing in from the shore.  In the dream I was unable to reach anyone for two days to tell them we were okay because my husband had my cellphone.

We were reunited with him in two days. Christopher and I arrived to our home in tact. My mom was there and I was mad that I had not been able to reach anyone because I didn't have my cellphone. I didn't know what was going on because I didn't have the internet in my pocket.

Then I really looked at my husband. He was dressed in his cammies. They were leaving. We were suddenly at war. The crazy weather was a result of something undisclosed. I looked at him, embraced him and asked, "Are you coming back?" Christopher was standing in a corner watching us. 

I woke up then. In my dream, I said, "Enough of this misery." At 4:41 am, I woke up sad.

In real life, not everyone comes back. In real life when you say goodbye, in your mind you ask, "Are you coming back?" Regardless of their job, every causality you hear on the news , you try not to wonder who that was, but you can't wait to hear from the ones you know.

That casualty was someone's son or daughter, father or mother, husband or wife, brother or sister, uncle or aunt, cousin, neighbor, someone from church or best friend. That loss belongs to someone.

In real life mine came home and without a scar, but not everyones does. 


Remembering those military personnel who died or were wounded, serving our country.