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The Deployed Military Support Group at my church sends out over 150 care packages to our troops on a monthly basis. On December 7th, they will have a box packing to mail out over 200 boxes of homemade cookies to our deployed troops. Currently five of those boxes will have my homemade oatmeal raisin cookies and a copy of The Christopher Chronicles. My hope is that this book will be read, passed on and brighten the souls of each person it touches.

How would you like to help me extend that reach? I would LOVE to put a book in more than five boxes. So here is what I am doing.

Below and on The Christopher Chronicles website, there is an option to donate or buy.

I am selling the donated books for just $8. This is $2.99 off of the list price. If you donate TWO books, you will receive a FREE e-book (Kindle only) of The Christopher Chronicles. The Kindle version of The Christopher Chronicles is not for sale.

If you order two books to be shipped to you, these books will be autographed and I will donate another book to the box packing.

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I can't tell you how excited I am to be able to do this. This time last year, I had received the proof of my first edition and sent that to my cousin in Afghanistan. He told me that his troops really enjoyed the laugh. This year, I'll be able to make the deadline and get some books in with the cookies the church sends out. 

Please help me publicize this event by sharing it with your social networks. With your help, this can be a great success one book, one box of cookies at a time!

Thank you in advance.

Donate two books $16 and receive a free e-book

Buy two books, I'll donate another

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