Breadcrumbs: Me, Myself & I


I shared my first breadcrumbs post last week and it was a hit. So I thought I would make it a thing. This week the breadcrumbs have a theme. Here are links to three Me, Myself & I posts.These posts are my alter egos - written from "their" point of view.

Pick one and enjoy a laugh. 

  1. Hydroxy Nuts was my first one and my personal favorite. Update: I'm over M&Ms.

  2. This one was about the ten good days we have out of the month. It was most popular in comment count. Daddy commented even though I asked him not to read it. I got an e-mail from one of my blogger friends asking to ban him from commenting.

  3. I love re-reading the comments to We can be a little Catty. This was a "best laugh in eons", "favorite post ever" and I gained a new follower who is still with me.


Here's thing... okay all of them are my favorite. So glad I don't have to chose. Pick one and come back for another - I'll be here all week!

Kenya G. Johnson