Who knew?

Did you know it was Small Business Saturday? It’s one of those things that I didn’t know was a thing. I saw a few posts in my Facebook feed and found out about it just today.

Immediately my impression about there being “a day” is how we should support more small businesses.


My husband retired from the Marine Corps back in April. He has been a photographer on the side for over ten years.

This side business use to be his fun money but now it supplements his retirement income, therefore puts food on the table.

I imagine that's the case with most people; therefore we should support each other where we can. It's not just a hobby anymore.

He works really hard. His business has grown by word of mouth, and is the reason we decided to stay here after retirement. He is primarily a sports photographer for Youth Sports, but he also does Marine Corps Balls, special events and some schools.

We try to support small businesses. I want to encourage people to look for small business owners who are like us. We are dedicated, we have good work ethics, we do great work, and we enjoy what we do. The result is something you would be happy with.


I have met many, but there is one small business owner I have met online who I would like to give a shout out to. Her name is Sonya M. Jones. She is the designer and creator of Tee-iabo Designs hand-painted/digital wearable art. 

Check out Tee-iabo Designs

Look at how you can SEE her enjoying what she does. What I want for Sonya is not to sell one shirt at a time but to sell boxes of shirts at one time. 

You've got to take a look around her website where you will see her scope of creativity. I think a mass production of her designs would be great for kids field trips, reunions, employee appreciation days, church organizations, senior gifts and so on. 

As an author, working hard to market my book, I can appreciate the passion for others trying to do the same thing in their fields. It is hard work and word of mouth is part of an individual's success.

Thank you Sonya for being a branch for me and so many others. I wish the same for you ten-fold.

Sporadically Yours