Photos are worth a BUNCH of words...

These are 14 recent photos from my cellphone and 565 words (below) to go with them...

  1. This is Christopher and his friend as we are waiting for the holiday parade. Yes we've already had our Christmas parade. It was the weekend before Thanksgiving. We live in a military town, so if you want anyone to be there, you better not do it on a holiday weekend when it's a ghost town.
  2. This is me & Jenn. This is my second time meeting up with my blogger buddy but our first time really hanging out. In this photo we are at the PX trying out furniture. Christopher and I are hoping she and Casey buy this set for the new house. We sat there so long, Jen lost her cellphone. It had fallen through the cushions onto the floor. It wasn't hard to track down. 
  3. This is Christopher's first candy apple (with teeth). I still had to bite it to get it started. I had bought him and his friend one from the parade. They asked to eat them when we got back. I told his friend that he wasn't eating the candy apple on my watch. He could torture his own parents with his candy apple energy. Christopher had his the next day.
  4. This is Maxine losing her hair (leaves). You have to read the blog post to see how she got her name. Maxine is bald now. 
  5. These are the cakes I made to take to Virginia for Thanksgiving - a Lemon Pound Cake and an Almond Cream Cheese Pound Cake. The Almond one can be found in The Cake Doctor cookbook. The Lemon is all the way from scratch and that one stays in the family.
  6. We are donating books to send to troops in Afghanistan. This one was purchased by my sister-in-law. I asked Christopher if he would put on the Santa hat to take the picture. He said, "Sure, as long as you don't show anyone." It's all over facebook, and now here.
  7. Christopher waiting patiently for Papa Bear to finish packing the truck. When he has to move is when it must be time to go. His patience lasted for the moment I took the picture.
  8. How many men does it take to.... that's Papa Bear in the blue.
  9. I asked Christopher last night what was his favorite part of the trip. He said, "When we went skating."
  10. I fell in love with her! Such a sweet, well trained Pit Bull. We went out to eat and the 17 year old had forgotten to put her in her kennel. We worried that the cakes and pies were going to be gone. Instead she was found sleeping in his bed.
  11. My cousin drove down from D.C. to see us. We ended up staying up until 3am. It's going to take me all week to recover from that.
  12. Southbound I-95 on Sunday. I entertained myself with #I-95 twitter feed and added my two cents: [Good/Bad/Ugly Good - 24 more mi. on 95 SB. Bad - 2 more hrs after that. Ugly - 95 NB - sorry y'all. #I-95] no one retweeted but a stranger hoped I made it home safe
  13. & 14. There's damage to undo. This morning I went for a walk AND a bike ride. I thought I was going to blog about it but never felt inspired to whine to you about it. 

Here's the thing... I didn't think up this idea all by myself. I got it from Gina and she got it from, well you gotta go see for yourself. Thanks Gina for giving me something to blog about. Though whining about working out is still on the agenda.

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